June 20th: Slight Show Delay

As mentioned in the schedule on the side bar, tonight’s show will be starting around 8 pm EST instead of the usual Sunday time of 6 pm EST. Also, as I have a prior engagement earlier in the evening that may bring me home at a later time, the show may be delayed further by an additional 30 minutes to an hour. If this is the case, just hang tight and keep the window open in the background until the feed starts.

Edit: Sorry guys, I got back later than I had anticipated and 11 pm EST is too late to start up the cam at this point since I have work early in the morning. I’ll have to hold off on it for tonight and resume the regular broadcast with tomorrow evening’s show. Sorry again about missing tonight, but prior engagements take priority, particularly with family!

Also, I have updated the schedule on the right bar to reflect the coming week. I will be doing this every Sunday evening, so be sure and give it a look over to see which shows you’d be interested in catching later on. A few of them are dependent on viewer feedback, so be sure to tune in if you’d like to sway the direction of the show!

June 19th: Buckley Turnaround Inking

The first official run of the show tonight went pretty smoothly. Not only was it a test of the time slot/scheduling of material, but it was also a test of my own abilities. I’ve been recovering from a few health problems and the meds I had to take caused my hands to shake, which made it difficult to ink a straight line (and is why Peter & Company hasn’t been updated for a couple months). Tonight I skipped the warmup sketches and just went straight to the main test; as it turns out, I’m back to my old self once again. Awesome.

In the midst of a bit of singing and other silliness, I managed to ink 3 of the 4 poses from the Buckley turnaround in the two hours of the show. The last will be inked with tomorrow night’s show, as well as an old turnaround I started back in Savannah of Advisor Kimodo.

Click the image to view a larger version.

There are a lot more details in the inked version (the belt, the fuzziness on her bow, etc.). I usually don’t put them all in with the pencils since it makes it harder to erase and get a clean scan. I’ll just wait for the inking stage instead, making mental notes as I sketch.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out the debut of the show tonight! Tune in tomorrow night for the rest of the ink work.

Sunday Sketches: Buckley Turnaround WIP

Tonight’s session was originally scheduled to produce the pencils for the next page of Peter & Company. However, since I’m not quite able to hold an ink brush steady enough to get any decent inking done, I decided to hold off until next week to produce the pencils. During the warm-up sketches I asked the viewers what they wanted to see, and they all said they wanted some Ademar drawings. As such, I decided to do a new turnaround illustration, and gave them their choice of characters. Buckley was voted in as the subject of choice.

So yes, onto the art!

Warmup rough sketches (all requested by the viewers):

– 1: Chelsea sneaking up on Peter from behind.
– 2: Peter’s mom and dad.
– 3: A random happy Eddy.
(not shown are the “unmentionable pages.” Nor will they ever be shown, haha)

Original sketch of Buckley, which was the basis for the turnaround:

And the WIP rough pencils of the Buckley turnaround. Click to view a larger size.

The first official show of the new website will be broadcast at a later date. Check the journals on DA/FA and Twitter updates to see when it will be scheduled. Stay tuned for more!

New Website: Launch!

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to the website for my new daily web show. My name is Jonathan Ponikvar, a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a major in Sequential Art. I’ve always had a passion for drawing, but haven’t been able to find a way to really keep myself motivated to draw every single day. I’ve come to realize that I draw more efficiently and regularly when I have someone looking over my shoulder; as such, I have launched my “Inking Room,” a Ustream live art feed that I will be turning on every evening for the enjoyment of whomever may tune in.

From Monday through Saturday, I will draw, ink, paint, and occasionally teach art techniques to the viewers. Every Sunday will be spent producing the next page of Peter & Company, my weekly online comic. During these broadcasts you can expect things to get a bit silly on a regular basis — although I offer no apologies for any off-color sketches that may occur, I will say ahead of time that I won’t be drawing anything that you wouldn’t see on basic cable. I’m not an adult artist, and this show will certainly remain friendly towards all audiences.

After each show is finished, I will be uploading and posting all of the produced artwork to the front page of this site. Note: if the work produced is a final image for either P&C or Ademar, I will instead link to where those images are posted on their respective sites. However, this site will include those related sketches and Works-In-Progress.

Information on the show and a link to the feed can be found in the menu to the right. Thanks for checking out the site, and I hope you enjoy the show!

-Jonathan P.