March 17th: $5 Sketch Jam Night

This was another Sketch Jam night like we have done in the past, where Whitney and I turn the camera around and take requests for sketches from folks in the chat room. This time, however, we did things a bit differently. Since the past couple times have ended up with a flood of people trying to get in requests for free sketches (and ended up with a lot of people being disappointed when we didn’t have the time to get to them), we decided to put up a $5 entry fee for the queue. Folks who wanted a sketch could send us the payment through PayPal, and as soon as it showed up, we would do their sketch live on camera.

It actually was VERY successful, and we were able to keep things organized and under control. Whitney and I each got through six sketches, and we even kept it going for almost twice the usual length of time (although my hand started cramping up around the 3-hour mark, haha).

We may end up making these $5 Sketch Jams a regular thing. Whitney wants to try to do one each week on Saturdays, but it all depends on if we have the time to do it.

Hit the jump to watch the whole session. Please note that the video and audio get reallllllly out of sync towards the end, but I guess this is just the problem with having a 4-hour recording from Livestream. Sorry about that!

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