February 7th: Peter & Company Cameo Page, Part 1

Tonight was the first of two nights dedicated to free character cameos in this page of Peter & Company. I advertised this one a bit more heavily than I had for the previous cameo pages (like Whitney’s birthday party), so it had a really awesome turnout. Unfortunately we hit some technical difficulties on the stream, which caused my laptop to go blue-screen halfway through and cut off the recording. As such, it’s uploaded in two parts to Youtube, both of which are embedded below the jump for viewing.

Also, because of the technical hiccups, I was only able to get halfway through the cameo slots that I had allotted for the page. So I decided to add an additional show to this week’s schedule in order to finish out the rest! The final show will be on Thursday, February 9th. Hopefully this will give folks a chance to get their characters in who were unable to attend last night. :)

Hit the jump to watch the videos, as always.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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