March 17th: $5 Sketch Jam Night

This was another Sketch Jam night like we have done in the past, where Whitney and I turn the camera around and take requests for sketches from folks in the chat room. This time, however, we did things a bit differently. Since the past couple times have ended up with a flood of people trying to get in requests for free sketches (and ended up with a lot of people being disappointed when we didn’t have the time to get to them), we decided to put up a $5 entry fee for the queue. Folks who wanted a sketch could send us the payment through PayPal, and as soon as it showed up, we would do their sketch live on camera.

It actually was VERY successful, and we were able to keep things organized and under control. Whitney and I each got through six sketches, and we even kept it going for almost twice the usual length of time (although my hand started cramping up around the 3-hour mark, haha).

We may end up making these $5 Sketch Jams a regular thing. Whitney wants to try to do one each week on Saturdays, but it all depends on if we have the time to do it.

Hit the jump to watch the whole session. Please note that the video and audio get reallllllly out of sync towards the end, but I guess this is just the problem with having a 4-hour recording from Livestream. Sorry about that!

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March 10th: Piano Time!

This Inking Room was probably one of the least-productive ones so far, hehe. I goof around on piano for the first half and then attempt to start inking, but fail miserably to keep myself focused. Basically by the end it’s just me and Whitney goofing around with the viewers in the chat room.

Watch the craziness after the jump.

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March 8th: Penciling P&C Page 178

Tonight’s Inking Room was a ton of fun. Whitney and I each had our own projects to work on: I was cranking through the P&C pencils for the next page, while she was putting together a new watercolor painting of a new character she came up with.

I also take some time to showcase the Tom & Ed comics, so people can take a closer look at them and see what condition they’re in before I start restoring them. I might do this during a few more shows down the line for the folks who show up in the stream.

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February 25th: Sketch Jam Night!

Occasionally for the Inking Room, Whitney and I will turn the camera around and just have a night of creativity and chatting with our friends and viewers. Tonight’s session was spent taking requests for character sketches and working on some Peter & Company stuff. It was a blast.

Unfortunately I had some technical difficulties halfway through the night, so I had to break the recording session into two parts to restart the video. So both videos are included below, after the jump.

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February 24th: Finishing the P&C Pencils

This was yet another page of the comic that featured a few cameo slots. There weren’t as many this time as the previous crowd shot, but several of the panels still had spaces available for people to throw in their creations. I was hoping to have the pencils done before this show so I could focus entirely on getting the page inked, but it didn’t work out that way. In fact, I STILL wasn’t done with the pencils by the time this show was done. Man, sometimes my productivity levels just aren’t up to speed, hehe.

Hit the jump to view the video.

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February 15th: Penciling P&C Page 176

This was yet another page of the comic that featured a few cameo slots. There weren’t as many this time as the previous crowd shot, but several of the panels still had spaces available for people to throw in their creations. I managed to get about halfway through the page this time, though I wasn’t able to get it done in time for the following Monday update due to health problems over the weekend.

I’ll be finishing it this week, so stay tuned for those shows (listed in the schedule on the right). Hit the jump to view the recording on Youtube.

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February 11th: Inking the Cameo Page #175

inally I get a good recording of the inking of a page. The last time I tried to record the inking phase (for page 174), Livestream corrupted the recorded video and I couldn’t transfer it over to Youtube. Goofy.

So yes, here is the Inking Room recording for this Saturday evening. Because there was so much detail in the 22 characters (yes, 22… I had originally counted 24, but somehow I had miscounted), I wasn’t able to get QUITE through the full page in the two hours. The rest of it I had to finish on my own time.

Hit the jump to view the video.

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February 9th: Penciling Peter & Company Cameos, Part 2

The title of this post is part 2 of the cameo page, but it’s listed as part three on Youtube because the previous night was split into two videos. Long story short, this page took a WHILE to finish.

So tonight I focused completely on just cranking through the remaining cameos, and managed to completely fill the last few spots. I originally had listed the final head count at 24 other characters, but there are actually 22. Somehow I had miscounted, but it still beats the old record of 20 characters that I had reached with the Whitney’s Birthday Party pages.

Altogether, it was a ton of fun. Now onto the inking! Hit the jump to watch the recording.

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February 7th: Peter & Company Cameo Page, Part 1

Tonight was the first of two nights dedicated to free character cameos in this page of Peter & Company. I advertised this one a bit more heavily than I had for the previous cameo pages (like Whitney’s birthday party), so it had a really awesome turnout. Unfortunately we hit some technical difficulties on the stream, which caused my laptop to go blue-screen halfway through and cut off the recording. As such, it’s uploaded in two parts to Youtube, both of which are embedded below the jump for viewing.

Also, because of the technical hiccups, I was only able to get halfway through the cameo slots that I had allotted for the page. So I decided to add an additional show to this week’s schedule in order to finish out the rest! The final show will be on Thursday, February 9th. Hopefully this will give folks a chance to get their characters in who were unable to attend last night. :)

Hit the jump to watch the videos, as always.

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Get a Free Cameo in a Peter & Company Page!

If you’ve been watching the past few Inking Room sessions that I’ve done over the past couple weeks, you’ve likely heard how this next page of Peter & Company is going to feature another huge group shot of cameo appearances, much like the massive 20+ character shot from Whitney’s birthday party. Well, the next show is when it’s going to happen, so if you would like to have your character make a free guest appearance in a P&C page, now’s your chance!

The shows this week will take place on the following nights, starting at 8 pm EST:

Tuesday, Feb. 7th – Penciling Peter & Company.
Saturday, Feb. 11th – Inking Peter & Company.

If you want to throw down a character, the rules are the same as last time.

1: The character must be your own independent creation and belong to you. I won’t put someone else’s character in.
2: You must show up to the Livestream feed and, once I say that I’m ready to take the character refs, throw down a link to a piece of artwork featuring the character so I can see how they look.
3: The slots will be offered up on a first-come-first-serve basis. I won’t know exactly how many slots I have available until I have finished laying out the page and do a head count, so if you want to make sure you get a spot, make sure to catch the whole show.
4: I won’t take requests submitted via e-mail, IM’s, notes, or comments on this site. You have to be present at the show in order to give me the character ref. That’s my only requirement.

So yes, spread the word, and make plans to hop over to the Inking Room on Tuesday evening! Thanks to everyone who has been showing up to the streams the past few weeks. It’s absolutely been a blast.